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Over 4,500 women from more than 85 countries have safely used progesterone to halt the effects of mifepristone and deliver healthy babies. Yet when it comes to Abortion Pill Rescue therapy, most clinicians and their patients are uninformed. Worse, many are misinformed because they have only heard the widely reported but false claims that APR medical evidence does not exist and APR is unsafe. APRScience.org refutes both claims.

Educational Project

APRScience is an educational project dedicated to analyzing and disseminating APR medical evidence. The website assists clinicians and researchers who seek access to the latest APR science. It presents APR research in easy-to-consume charts, figures, and data sets. For instance, see Is APR therapy safe for women? It also explains the science behind APR therapy. For example, see Can a medication abortion be reversed?

APRScience provides access to data sets that clinicians and researchers can use to perform their own analyses. The data sets aggregate clinical data from many APR reports into downloadable spreadsheets, saving time and reducing errors (see Data Set 1 and Data Set 2).

APRScience shares citation collections for APR-related research (e.g., refer to the Studies page). The collections simplify finding APR literature so researchers can quickly access APR studies. The citations include references to clinical trials, observational reviews, systematic reviews, governmental reports, and other medical articles. APRScience updates this page regularly using search queries on PubMed, Google Scholar and other sources. 

For instance, since 2012, three case series (Delgado 2012Garratt 2017Delgado 2018) and two clinical trials (Creinin 2020Turner 2023) have studied APR therapy in humans. The research shows that two-thirds (66%) of women who change their minds and receive progesterone after starting medication abortion with mifepristone can safely continue their pregnancies. APRScience makes it easy to find this research (see APR case studies and trials.)

About APRScience

An international association of professionals created APRScience content, united by the mission to improve the quality of research in APR medicine. We acknowledge that APR medical evidence is preliminary, and more research is needed. However, APR clinical trials, observational studies, and animal investigations have consistently shown that APR is safe and effective. To contact APRScience, please leave a message at aprscience.org/contact-aprscience or send an email to contact@aprscience.org. For more information, go to APRScience.org.


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