What are the three outcomes after mifepristone ingestion?

It is essential to establish the continuing pregnancy rate after ingesting mifepristone alone because it provides a baseline against which to compare the efficacy of progesterone as a mifepristone antagonist. There are three possible results after ingesting mifepristone; (1) embryo demise with the complete evacuation of the uterus (complete abortion); (2) embryo demise with incomplete uterine evacuation or no evacuation at all (incomplete abortion); (3) embryo survival (continuing pregnancy).1 

Some of the mifepristone efficacy studies in the 1980’s do not clearly distinguish between an incomplete abortion and a continuing pregnancy. In addition, some of the studies do not use an ultrasound to verify a living embryo at post-mifepristone follow-up, and instead rely upon other less accurate verification methods (e.g., changes in human chorionic gonadotropin levels). These limitations may result in some studies overstating the continuing pregnancy rate after mifepristone ingestion. Thus, it is important to only use data from mifepristone efficacy studies that specifically document continuing pregnancy by using ultrasound to verify a living embryo after mifepristone ingestion.2

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