AAPLOG Video: The Opportunity of Abortion Pill Reversal
Debunking the Myths of Abortion Pill Reversal

January 2024

Study: Women Report Abortion Drug as More Difficult Choice Than Abortion Pill Reversal.
Women described how different people and messages impacted their decision to seek abortion and the abortion reversal pill (APR) in a new peer-reviewed study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

December 2023

Justices will review lower-court ruling on access to abortion pill.
The Supreme Court on Wednesday morning agreed to review a ruling by a federal appeals court that would significantly restrict access to mifepristone.

September 2023

Heartbeat International. Response to California AG’s complaint against serving pregnant women
All major studies show that using Abortion Pill Reversal is effective.

August 2023

George Delgado. M.D. Written Comments for Stakeholder Meeting Regarding Implementation of Colorado Senate Bill 23-190
Abortion Pill Reversal is safe and effective. 

August 2023

Heartbeat International. Prenatal Diagnosis Initiative launches website.
Parents Facing Prenatal Diagnosis Have a New Support Resource.

May 2023

AAPLOG. Responding to ACOG’s Unscientific Statement on Progesterone Rescue Therapy after Mifepristone Ingestion
ACOG has published a factually inaccurate statement on its advocacy web page.

April 2022

AAPLOG. Response to ACOG’s Advocacy and Health Policy statement “Understanding the Practical Implications of the FDA’s December Mifepristone REMS Decision”
ACOG statements are out of step with the views of most OB/GYNs and a departure from quality healthcare for women.

October 2021

AAPLOG. Committee Opinion, Number 9.
Dangers of Relaxed Restrictions on Mifepristone.

December 2019

STENO Institute. Response to Creinin Mifepristone Antagonization Study. 
Dangers of taking mifepristone and doing nothing else